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Lotus Company, an Egyptian limited partnership, Its headquarters and factories located in Zagazig & another active branch in UAE (United Arab Emirates) is Labanita Farm.

Flexibility and intelligent selection are our great strengths which is why we are excellent at introducing new products so quickly, we owe this speed not only to our imported products but also to our sales division in Egypt and the MENA Region.

The company was founded in 2012 till now, the company specializes in sourcing and selling high-quality dairy ingredients to national and international customers.


Lotus Profile has a scientific office that helps customers overcome their problems and crises in a scientific way by giving proofs that are built upon scientific documental research.

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Since 1874 Chr. Hansen has been a pioneer in the development of innovative cultures and enzymes solutions for the Dairy industry. Today Chr. Hansen is a global market leader in all businesses.

Chr. Hansen

Chr. Hansen

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How can probiotics enhance poultry performance?

Good health starts in the gut Digestive health is a main concern in the poultry industry as it has a high impact on production and mortality rates caused by gut…

Managing Heat Stress Dairy cows

In North America, heat stress is a significant cow health issue with economic consequences. The combination of lost milk and components, poor reproductive performance, rumen acidosis, increased health care costs…

New Flexible Feed Formulation concept aims to improve broiler performance on lower-cost diets

New research from Chr. Hansen confirms that GALLIPRO® — a direct-fed microbial (DFM) for poultry containing a unique strain of Bacillus subtilis — allows producers to reduce energy, protein and amino-acid…

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